Five Points of Calvinism

The five points of Calvinism:

  1. Total Depravity: although human nature itself was not changed by the fall, all humans in Adam fell with him and consequently suffer corruption of their human nature. Jesus alone was not under Adam’s federal headship and consequently alone did not suffer the guilt and concupiscence associated with Adam’s sin.
  2. Sovereign Election: God chose to create and save certain people and to create others but not save them. This was God’s sovereign choice based on his own internal favor toward them, not based on any foreseen merit.
  3. Particular Redemption: Christ died particularly to save his people from their sins.
  4. Sovereign Grace: saving grace works regeneration in a man, who then believes. This way of acting does not depend on man’s will and actually changes man’s will. Thus, saving grace is rightly called “irresistible.”
  5. Perseverance of the Justified: those for whom Christ died will believe, they will be justified, they will be glorified. Indeed all the justified will be glorified, not just an elect subset of the justified.